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2 Week Airbnb Vacation? Here Are 18 Things to Take Care of at Home First Summer Travel Tips

Check that your doors and windows are locked and that they are not closed enough to provide an opening for thieves. Making sure the access points are secure will also prevent any stray animal or other pest from taking the shelter of your home.

If you have a larger residence, you should examine the windows on your second floor. It's easy to forget that you opened the window an inch, which is the only thing that animals and thieves require.

11. Arrange House and Pet Watchers

You are able to live your life, even if you're gone. It's better to find someone you know and trust to watch over your home as well as your pets. Housesitters can be hired for your pet and your house.

You may also want arrange to get someone else to collect your mail on your behalf, lest some of it is lost. If you're planning to receive packages even when you're not at home, you can ask someone trustworthy to pick them up.

You can leave your phone number with neighbors so you're easily reached in an situation of emergency.

12. Pay Your Bills

Who really wants to think about bills when they're on holiday? There's no one. There's no need to fret about your bills when you go on vacation. One of the last things you want is for something to get late and mess up the next time you come back.

You should make arrangements to pay your gas and electric bills and other expenses that you have to pay while away from home. You'll be amazed at how many debt collectors or service providers demand that the payment should be paid in person. You can ask a close acquaintance or family member to help pay for the charge.

13. Have Your Alarm Checked

It would be a terrible sensation to return from a 2 week Airbnb vacation only to discover that your home was burglarized. Therefore, it's vital to make sure you have checked your alarm before you depart.

This applies to your burglar alarm, as well as other oths.