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Read These 5 HVAC Consumer Reviews Before Buying Consumer Review

The company eventually began to concentrate on cooling systems both for industrial and domestic use. Daikin has now introduced packages units which can accommodate five tons. Package unit models are equipped with air conditioners, heat pumps, gas packs, and they are the preferred choice for those with not enough indoor space to allow to install. This unit can be placed outside on the roof or ground. The ductwork then connects to the unit , allowing both cooling and heating. When looking at the top specifications of Daikin unit packages, you find that the models include options with Energy Star ratings that will help you cut down on your use of energy. This is made possible by the blower compartments which are sealed to ensure even greater energy efficiency. Furthermore, some Daikin package units include an variable-speed ECM indoor motor. Another common feature of most manufacturers is the sealed and lubricated condenser motor. Expect to find the electric heat unit that has a up to 20 kW of power if you're looking for an air conditioner. Other features include enhanced security of the unit through the use of low and high temperature refrigeration switches as well as the lifetime guarantee on gas packs , and additional positive guarantees for parts and replacements. Remember that warranty coverage is only valid to the model that is registered within the period specified. It's a good idea to hire a professional contractor with experience and then purchase an extended warranty covering both labor and parts if you purchase a high-end model. Lennox HVAC Package Unit Reviews Lennox, like other manufacturers, offers many package options like heat pumps that have dual fuel as well as air conditioners equipped with gas furnaces, or air conditioners that are equipped with electric heating. Package units can be installed on residential .